Keno Progressive Frequency and should be very fair to play

Knowing what frequency in keno is important, especially if you like being progressive. They are generally listed for odds in the keno book but for reference I will put them here for you; this is for SOLID hits (about all your numbers).

Of course more info is needed to find out if progressives are at a high enough level to make it fair to play because you also have smaller hits that change the player’s returns. In fact, overall, the smaller the hits, because the higher the frequency, the more of the payouts when calculated in totality because the higher the frequency.

For example, the chance of hitting 4 out of 5 is 82-1, meaning your average would hit 4 out of 5 seventeen times for each time you pressed 5 out of 5. This is NOT meaningful if you pressed 4 out of 5 visit IntanQQ, sixteen times and 82 plays others are over if you “have” to hit him again in the next game. This is a terrible mistake because what happened initially does not affect what may take place tomorrow. This is like explaining, if red is 10 consecutive times in roulette, black has a higher chance of the next spin than red. NONSENSE! In Las Vegas the odds are still 18/38 for the next roll to be red or black; each is mutually possible.

Generally after playing for a while you can find out what progressive is high enough to be seen as fair to play. Please use progressive Atlantis as an example. As of this writing, the 4-spot is $ 1,430, the 5-spot is $ 2,038, the 6-spot $ 3,687, the 7-spot $ 16,548, the 8-spot $ 208,384 and the 9-spot $ 1,169,967.

Without doing any calculations, it is clear that 8 and 9 points are high because 8-points are almost 13 times 7-points and 9 is almost 6x higher than 8-points, so we can have something here.

You also need to take into account the ticket price. The 5-place ticket costs $ 2, to $ 2,038 actually fetches $ 1,019 per dollar. Because 4 out of 5 pay $ 2.50 and it will go about 17 times per cycle that’s like giving an extra $ 43 to $ 2,038 giving you $ 2,075 average return, and you would spend 1,551 times $ 2 or $ 3,102 per cycle.

Returns of around 67% are thus marked. But, if you analyze the 9-point you get a return of close to 100%, so if you were in Reno, what were you looking forward to? Go and play! Where else in the keno world can you get over a million bucks for hitting 9 out of 9? Someone will put in the right ticket at the right time at The Atlantis, maybe you!

How can you know more, ask the casino to have Keno Classesimilar for their blackjack or craps class.

By the way, don’t be discouraged if your favorite amount is progressively low, it will go up to your desired level at times. Besides that take a look at the kneo paybook and I believe you can get some other tickets that are reasonable for your bet.


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